Clemson, SC

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(Pickens, Clemson, Anderson, Easley, Greenwood, Duncan, Piedmont, Belton)

Aerial Photos Elite, LLC has taken professional aerial photos in the Pickens, Clemson, Anderson and Greenwood, SC areas for many years now..... including aerial photos of manufacturing facilities, educational buildings (including the Clemson University Student Activities Center), Publix in Clemson, SC and sports facilities, such as the Clemson West End Zone project at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Other aerial photography subjects include Clemson Fire Station, Baxter Enterprises in Oconee area, Benteler Automotive in Duncan, SC, Magna Drive Automotive in Piedmont, SC, and the Lee Steam Station project near Anderson, SC. Aerial Photos Elite, LLC also provided aerial photos of the Kohl's Department Store in Easley, SC. Aerial Photos Elite, LLC has taken aerial photography at the request of Kinder Morgan of the oil tanks near Anderson, SC.

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